+ Altering linear motions

+ Altering rotary oscillations

+ Complicated motions

+ Continuous rotation into interrupted rotation

+ Continuous rotation into linear motion

+ Continuous rotation into rotary oscillation

+ Continuous rotation transmission

+ Jigs and fixtures

+ Mechanisms for drawing lines

+ Mechanisms of specific purposes

+ Reciprocating motion to continuous rotation

+ Rotary oscillation into linear motion

+ Rotation to wobbing motion

+ Simple cam mechanisms (RU)

+ Study of mechanisms

+ Sundries

Flipping mechanism 1


This mechanism can turn over a flat piece by driving two four-bar linkage from one double crank. The two flippers are actually extensions of the fourth member of the fourbar linkage. Link proportions are selected so that both flippers rise up at the same time to meet a line slightly off the vertical to transfer the piece from one flipper to the other by momentum of the piece.

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