+ Altering linear motions

+ Altering rotary oscillations

+ Complicated motions

+ Continuous rotation into interrupted rotation

+ Continuous rotation into linear motion

+ Continuous rotation into rotary oscillation

+ Continuous rotation transmission

+ Jigs and fixtures

+ Mechanisms for drawing lines

+ Mechanisms of specific purposes

+ Reciprocating motion to continuous rotation

+ Rotary oscillation into linear motion

+ Rotation to wobbing motion

+ Simple cam mechanisms (RU)

+ Study of mechanisms

+ Sundries

Pump with eccentric 31


Input: orange rotor that rotates eccentrically in the housing. Two blue levers with green cushions are forced toward the rotor by pink springs. It is an application of a 4-bar linkage where green cushions are the connecting rods. The arrows show fluid flows. The pump is cut off half for easy understanding.

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